History of S.B.772

MERCYs' public info on S.B.772 History, as well as any related Issues.



Some History


In August of 2003, Senator Morrisette asked Dr. Grant Higginson to convene a Legislative Advisory Committee (LAC) to see if there may be any consensus among OMMA proponents and opponents for a 2005 consensus bill. Since then there were meetings.  In June 2004, while attempting to achieve consensus, law enforcement (LE) decided to boycott further meetings and no longer attended.  At the time of this "event", Dr. Higginson had written a compromise draft that was a snapshot of where we were with the LAC when LE walked out on the process.  OMMA proponents attending the LAC meetings agreed to support Dr. Higginson's draft of June 2004 if it was taken as a total package.  The LAC unanimously supported Dr. Higginson's proposal last June because it left AD intact and gave choice (particularly to outdoor growers).


Now, some 8 months later, this draft has morphed into Senate Bill 772 thanks to a new group called the Oregon Medical Cannabis Alliance (OMCA).   Senator Morrisette has been very responsive to patient and advocates and deserves our thanks big time.




02/21 (S) Introduction and first reading. Referred to President's desk.

02/23 (S) Referred to Human Services, then Ways and Means.

03/10 (S) Public Hearing and Possible Work Session scheduled


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