November 7, 2009




Your voice is important!


Oregon DHS decision pending on inclusion of mood symptoms and diseases onto OMMP’s list of qualifying conditions.  The Director of the Oregon Dept. of Human Services, Bruce Goldberg MD, and the State Health Officer, Mel Kohn, MD will be deciding in November about whether or not to include Depression, Depressive symptoms, agitation, insomnia anxietyand PTSD onto the list of qualifying conditions covered under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. The “expert” panel convened by the DHS voted 4 to 3 against allowing any of the conditions onto the list. The opposing members were: Chemical Dependency counselor Diane Lia, Dr. Tom Dodson of the Oregon Medical Association, Marian Fireman of the Oregon Psychiatric Association and Dr. Grant Higginson of DHS.


The process of evaluation and the panel member selection was marred by significant issues which have virtually guaranteed rejection of conditions, in spite of a hundred patient comments, numerous expert testimonies and a thousand pages of supporting documentation submitted by the petitioner. (Please see Petitioner’s rebuttal for a description of the panel process.)


Without patient feedback it is virtually certain that all conditions will be rejected. This will mean that thousands of Oregonians who use cannabis to combat mood symptoms, diseases or the intolerable effects of pharmaceuticals, will remain in danger of arrest, prosecution, civil asset forfeiture, child protective service investigations, employment discrimination, medical discrimination, jail and forced drug treatment.


PLEASE call, write or e-mail the State Health Officer and the Director of DHS today! It is urgent that patients speak up, and tell Drs. Goldberg and Kohn that you use cannabis to safely and effectively treat your conditions, know someone who does, and that all patients deserve to use any medication that benefits them free of fear of prosecution. The DHS should not reject patients. Ask them to approve all conditions!




Bruce Goldberg M.D., is a family medicine physician who has devoted his professional career to improving the organization, delivery and financing of public health services. He has been Director of the Oregon Department

of Human Services since November 2005, a position he says he was drawn to because of the opportunity it provides for making a positive difference in the lives

of so many people.


Dr. Bruce Goldberg, MD Director

Oregon Department of Human Services

500 Summer St. NE 4th floor

Salem, OR 97301

Voice: 503-947-5110

TTY: 503-947-5080

Fax: 503-378-2897




Assistant Director for Public Health - State Public

Health Officer


Mel Kohn, M.D., M.P.H., of Portland, was named acting DHS assistant director for the State Public Health Division and State Health Officer in September 2008. He previously served as state epidemiologist and administrator of the DHS Office of Disease Prevention and  epidemiology


Mel Kohn, MD, State Health Officer:

800 NE Oregon St, Ste 930

Portland OR 97232

Phone: 971-673-1300