Report On the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

Interim Legislative Advisory Committee

August 2004


At the request of Senator Bill Morrisette, the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) convened an Interim Legislative Advisory Committee representing key stakeholders. Members included: 5 representatives who are advocates of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (OMMA); 5 representatives of the law enforcement/justice system; 1 patient representative; 1 Oregon Medical Association representative; and 2 Department of Human Services staff representing the OMMP. Attachment A is a membership roster. A number of other people, primarily patients or OMMA advocates, also attended Committee meetings and public participation was allowed.


The Committee met 4 times over a 7 month period. The following is a brief description of meetings and interim activities:

Meeting 1. November 18, 2003. Winema Training Center, Salem.

Interim 1.

Meeting 2. February 5, 2004. Portland State Office Building, Portland.

Interim 2.

Meeting 3. May 21, 2004. Winema Training Center, Salem.

Interim 3.

Meeting 4. June 28, 2004. Portland State Office Building, Portland.

Result. Attachment E is the amended draft legislative concept. Please note that this document has not been agreed to by law enforcement/justice or OMA representatives and has not been approved by the DHS.


At the request of Senator Morrisette, OMMP staff attempted to facilitate a group of key stakeholders in an effort to identify potential consensus legislative concepts. Only one clear consensus item (all hours verification of cardholder status) was identified, and this item could be addressed administratively.

There are tremendous differences of opinion and polarization between stakeholder groups that participated in the Committee work. It appears unlikely that a consensus legislative concept could be developed at this time through voluntary participation of a large group of key players.

A draft legislative concept was produced through committee action that incorporates the one consensus concept and a number of the pending items that were still on the table when law enforcement/justice stopped their participation. This draft is acceptable to the OMMA advocate and patient representatives. This draft has not been approved or even commented upon by law enforcement/justice representatives, nor has it been processed through Department of Human Services channels for possible approval.


Submitted by: Grant Higginson, MD, MPH