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Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 11:21 AM:


Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at 04:00 PM:
Friends of Kevin from Everytown, USA wrote:
" Hang in there, Kevin. We are hoping and praying you will be at liberty soon anyway, in spite of the forces arrayed against you. The truth will prevail and eventually set you free. "

Monday, March 25 at 09:16 PM:
Ucejuice from Honolulu,HI wrote:
"Kevin pls don't let that place change you don't give up. fight the good fight. I can tell everybody how good u are until I'm blue in the face but believe me prison can change a person. kevin if I haven't met u I don't know we're my life would be. some say it comes with age for me it was meeting u. all my life all I did was hurt ppl but like u said when its ur time how would u want to be remembered well brother if I go tomorrow I'm thankful I got to meet u. bro stay the same and let me know what we can do to help. bro I will see u soon out here that I know

god bless u "

Monday, March 25 at 08:29 PM:
UceJuiceWife from Oahu, HI wrote:
" It is so sad that the state of Hawaii has wronged Kevin, what was the word they used? Malicious? How can they say that when Kevin was only protecting what was rightfully his? Stupid? Stupid is the one that did Kevin wrong! It's like a rich man leaving his Mercedes unlocked and someone trying to steal it...who's the stupid one? Yeah the guy who's stealing it not the rich guy....let Kevin free, he has much good works to do....I don't know u but I only hear what good things you've done, thank you for helping those that need your help...god bless and stay strong."

Tuesday, March 12 at 07:48 PM:
Tanya Racine from Salem Oregon wrote:
" As of 03-12-13, we have not heard a word from the Hawaii Supreme Court. We still have our fingers crossed. Thanks for posting and staying in contact. We will post their decision as soon as we hear."

Friday, February 15 at 07:13 PM:
Gary Hyde from Craig, Alaska wrote:
" Hey Bro! Anybody got the latest update? Miss ya man. "

Friday, February 8 at 08:43 PM:
Dena Miles from Coos Bay, OR wrote:
" Keeping the faith that my uncle Kevin will be free soon and returned to his family. We miss you and believe in you! You do not belong in prison for defending yourself and protecting your home. Stay strong!"

Saturday, November 3 at 02:34 PM:
kristine metcalfe from oregon wrote:
" I love you uncle kevin i've missed you so much! i wish you could be out soon, and meet your new nephew. I think about you all the time. "

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at 07:31 PM:
Tanya Racine from Salem, Oregon wrote:
" I am writing on behalf of Kevin Metcalfe. Kevin has a date of Oct. 4, 2012. His case is being heard in front of the Hawaii Supreme Court. Kevin's attorney will have one half hour to convince the Hawaii Supreme Court to release him for the many reasons why he should not be locked up, and then the prosecutor has one half hour to convince the Hawaii Supreme Court to keep him locked up, for all of their outrageous reasons. With this said, Kevin is anxiously awaiting his day in court. Please know that all public support is welcome. Even if you have a chance to blog here on this site, or in the newspaper's following an article on him. Kevin needs this support from all who can. A special hello from Kevin to "Viking" and "Ucejuice" and all his friends who continue to post. I read him this note pad when I can. I try and update him on any new posts. So please keep on blogging and posting where and when you can. Lets all do our part to keep the story alive! Hopefully the Supreme Court will do the right thing and send him home to heal. That was what the grand jury said in the begining. "no on all charges"! Lets hope the Hawaii Supreme Court says the same thing! "

Tuesday, September 25 at 03:30 PM:
Porkers from AZ wrote:
"Hey this is his nephew hope you get out soon!"

Sunday, September 23 at 04:43 PM:
Viking from Orange,ca wrote:
"Tell the old man I'm out and in Orange, CA. My email is viking(at)rockinexposures.com. All is ok,just gonna take me a minute to get on my feet! Stay strong and be good!"

Wednesday, April 18 at 08:06 PM:
Darin from salem oregon wrote:
" Its a shame what is happing to Kevin we the people have to get it together for him he is on the inside now ... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WE, US, YOU, THEM, EVERYONE, ALL OF U, U, AND U please we got to get funding to gether get KEVIN a REAL LAWYER please give if you know him he needs you NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! anybody know jon stwearart the daily show lets get KEVINS story out there!!!!!!!!! "

Thursday, March 1 at 01:01 PM:
Darin from my momma wrote:
" Good luck today Kevin you r in my prayers "

Tuesday, February 28 at 01:36 PM:
Per from Oregon wrote:
"HEY! Rumor has it Kevin is scheduled to have a Bail Haering (in AZ) on THU., Mar. 1st, 2012. If ok, he'll be shipped back to HI for further Appeal processing <?> Every body keep the Prayer Chain Gang going and yer fingers & toes crossed and we'll keep ya updated."

Saturday, January 7, 2012 at 09:17 PM:
friend from Honolulu, Hawaii wrote:
" How is Kevin doing aNd what's the latest? "

Saturday, December 10, 2011 at 01:14 PM:
David Hardy, JR. from Coos Bay, OR wrote:
" my dad and kev were buddys for a long time after my dad lost his life in 2001 kevin was there for me letting me know that everything was going to be ok and it was time to step up to the plate for my family. As a young kid with no direction or father figure to guide i had a great friend like kevin to keep me headed down the right path and i can say my success in life and this wise judgement calls ive made were thanks to kevin. kevin is a very rare breed of person he always puts people before himself and would do anything to help anyone im just absolutly sickened that such a wonderful person can have such a bad thing happen to him and kevin if you can read this thank you for everything and the hardys love ya man....... "

Saturday, December 10 at 12:36 PM:
David Hardy from Coos Bay, OR wrote:
" Kevin i LOVE ya and Miss ya man. Keep your chin up. team oregon is doin everything we can ... ill say this the only way kevin could of take another mans life is that his or his family life was in jeoperty this should not even of got this far we need a retrial by his peers in oregon. love ya kev "

Sunday, November 27, 2011 at 03:06 AM:
Ronda Bouchet from Portland, Oregon wrote:
" What a shame. We should all have the right to protect ourselves and our property. Such a horrible injustice to an outstanding guy. Hang in there Kevin. "

Thursday, May 26, 2010 at 05:28 PM:
Denise Metcalfe from Eugene, Ore. wrote:
" Kevin's address has changed. Could you post his new address in Arizona for those who want to keep in touch? Thanks. "

Wednesday, April 27 at 12:34 AM:
ucejuice from Honolulu, Hawaii wrote:
" I first met kevin in halawa correctional facility. trust me when i say he doesnt belong in there I also knew the perpetrator but I cant say the same for him. I been in the criminal system for the past 16 years and I know about criminials and kevin is not a criminal not only he was wrongfully convicted he was railroaded. kevin is a good man who has blessed us in halawa with his presence. so please help kevin everybody and thanks kev for helping me see that the world is bigger then halawa correctional facility. much love bro, stay up and god bless"

Monday, April 12, 2011 at 04:52 PM:
Rosalie from Portland, Oregon wrote:
"I will donate as soon as I can. It's a shame and injustice to see a victim of burglary in self-defense held in solitary confinement, let alone even indicted for murder. Good luck with the appeal. I hope Kevin is freed soon! "

Thursday, March 25 at 08:19 AM:
Jeremy from Monument, Oregon wrote:
"Kevin i am praying for you.I would have done the same thing. There should not be punishment for protecting what is yours.If i can help with anything over here please just give a call. "

Sunday, February 14 at 08:59 PM:
We, the people, from Oregon wrote:
"Kevins case in HI has gone from bad to worse. He has been convicted and is awaiting a very bad sentencing hearing. We need more/new legal resources in HI, Any attorney/legal resource references would be appreciated."

Thursday, February 11 at 08:51 PM:
Per from America wrote:
"Mom, Hope this gets thru. Know that we will be working and praying for you and Kevin. Somehow, someway we will take care of things for you guys until we get Kev out of there. When we first got the news, we cried and prayed, and I felt and know this now, this is something we will all get thru and be stronger for it. Convey to Kevin at your first opportunity to Please Hang On, Hold Out. We Are Coming. Love you both. Per"

Monday, February 8 at 01:24 PM:
Audrey Delgado from Keizer, OR wrote:
"I have known Kevin since he was 12 years old,and have always known him to be honest, hard-working & honorable. It is a tragic fluke that Kevin is on trial for defending himself and property against someone who should not have been trespassing in the first place, let alone intent on theft and in attack mode. It seems to me that Kevin is the real victim. I can only pray that justice will be done and Kevin will be allowed his freedom. Kevin's anguish at the turn of events last May has been punishment enough, if punishment is required. That other man, by all reports, was not a good person and Kevin is. My prayers and best wishes are with you, Kevin. "

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 03:00 PM:
Jeff Lillebo from Portland, Oregon wrote:
" As a former Army Ranger, bodyguard and terrorist expert this leaves me concerned. 1. a shotgun is a defensive not an offensive weapon...it is used only in breeching by US forces today 2. 7-1/2 shot is minute in size and used for the smallest of quarry, it is also typically loaded with weaker powder loads and never found in 3in. 3-1/2in. or magnum form. 3. the police have no wad which holds the shot tight in its early flight ...if the shot was fatal with such a small shot sz. my experience would question why there is no wad 4. Firearm experts and statistcs bear the fact that the shotgun is the #1 home defense weapon...why? handguns to often get used against the owner or the innocent killing of family members...long rifles are to dangerous because the bullet is capable of travelling through walls, neighborhoods, homes, etc. the power of high caliber rifles is dangerous in this mode. in short from a firearms perspective this does not fit the mode of a muderer "

Monday, September 21 at 11:12 AM:
Michael Scott from Ocean View, Hawaii wrote:
"Kevin is a great law abiding neighbor and was defending himself against a known criminal with a long history that should have already landed him in prison for life. Its a travesty of justice that he is being charged for anything. "

Monday, September 21 at 10:46 AM:
Kennith and Denise Metcalfe from Eugene, OR wrote:
" Kevin is a wonderful,generous man. He's no criminal.This should all be dropped.Sad. "

Tuesday, September 15 at 11:39 AM:
Walter &Sandy Evans from Coos Bay, Oregon wrote:
" the dude had it coming . I personally know Kevin and have always had great respect for him . he was a clown when i first met him so i hired him for my sons 2nd. b-day . my son is now 24. hang in there kevin love walt & sandy evans cooscycle@yahoo.com "

Saturday, September 12 at 04:35 PM:
Tara from Missouri wrote:
" Leave the cannabis people alone, the goverment needs to go after the meth more then the cannabis people, I don't recall any one I know that smokes it killing someone or other things like meth heads do!Legalze it , it the revenue alone would help the goverment fund much needed programs ! "

Friday, August 28, 2009 at 03:30 PM:
David Kenneth Edgerton from Charleston, Oregon wrote:
"FREE KEVIN! hes been a family friend for as long as i can remember. legalize or legal lies "

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