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We are MERCY - the Medical Cannabis Resource Center | MERCY is an all Volunteer, Member based non-profit organization, registered with the state of Oregon, founded and populated by patients and other cardholders; their friends and family; and other compassionate and concerned citizens in the Salem area and beyond.
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MERCY was founded in 2003 to help and advocate for those involved with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP). MERCY is a virtual org - we do not currently have an office - based in the Salem area and staffed on a volunteer basis. Learn more more about our history and current status.  

MERCY networks with like-minded people from around the world on the issue, sharing news and information on subjects from how to grow and apply medical cannabis to how to change laws to allow it. We do this thru our website with pages set up to help and organize by Region, Condition, Profession, Categories and many more Classes. Learn more about our Networking.  

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MERCY is a not-for-profit, grass roots organization founded by patients and other compassionate and concerned citizens in the area and dedicated to helping and advocating for those involved with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP). We offer Doctor education and support programs, and Patient and Caregiver projects like learning to grow and different methods for consumption. These are especially important for the first time medical cannabis user as well as those unable to apply their medication. MERCY is based in the Salem, Oregon, USA metro-area and staffed on a volunteer basis. (see Profiles, below) Click here to find out more about our history.  

Our purpose is to get medicine to patients in the short-term while working with them to establish their own independent sources. To this end we provide, among other things, ongoing education to clinics, individual physicians and other healthcare providers about the OMMP, cannabis as medicine and doctor rights in general.

MERCY is a strong patient advocate, which can manifest itself in a variety of ways. One of these has been maintaining lines of communication with other patient advocates and the OMMP director and workers. At the same time we attempt Doctor education and support programs, and Patient and Caregiver projects like learning to grow and different methods for consumption. These are especially important for the first time medical cannabis user as well as those unable to apply their medication.

Over the years MERCY has assisted hundreds of thousands of people in getting their card (or, Authorization, as the case may be) as well as helping them find access to excess medicine. Our objective is to get medicine to patients in the short-term while working with them to establish their own independent sources. Our philosophy is one of teaching people to fish, rather than being dependent upon others.  


One strategy of the organization is to help people to change the laws so that action like this isn't necessary any more.   So, we advocate reasonable, fair and effective marijuana laws and policies, and strive to educate, register and empower voters to implement such policies.   Lasting change will require that each citizen be active enough to register and effectively vote.  You, and only you, the people, can make it happen.   We will help in any way we can, but you have to tell us what you need.   Work with us to make this your "tool shed", or resource guide, to successful medical cannabis utilization and activism.   Click here to contact us. Or go here to find out more about actions you can take.

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MERCY - The Medical Cannabis Resource Center | Pioneering Common Sense Compassion via News, Information and other Resources on Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) in Oregon, across America and around the World. Learn more about our news and information programs and projects.  
Informing, Educating and Activating | on this and related Issues - civil rights, liberties, responsibilities, action, activities; legislator and legislative watchdogging and law reform in general. Learn more about actions and activities.  

Our mission, goals ...

Helpdesking, Media, Advocacy

MERCY Programs and Activites strive ...

About this MERCY Programs and Activites To help people get with their respective medical cannabis programs, maximize the utility and network and help others to acheive the same.

About this MERCY Programs and Activites To investigate, research and document news and information relevent to the issues and to broadcast and receive communications with others doing the same.

About this MERCY Programs and Activites To advocate and support actions and activities to empower people to change the laws, rules and regulations to be based on science and medical facts and NOT The Government initiated and funded Set of Lies on The Cannabis (Marijuana) Issue, primary of which are that Cannabis is Evil (kills, makes people crazy, causes un-natural sexual urges, etc.) and has No Medical Value or Use.

It is a mission of MERCY is to bring about change and establish safeguards for the future. The goal is the empowerment of the people through their votes and general activism. To get the people involved in this and all issues.

A few of the immediate objectives are to inform & educate about the therapeutic benefits as well as the true medical facts about cannabis; support the rights of patients & doctors in the OMMP; promote a healthier environment through hemp; empower groups and actions that broadcast information & news about the harm, waste and abuse caused by can prohibition in general.

The basic strategy will be to join and initiate events & actions; to research and broadcast news & info - to be a media outlet for the movement! MERCY works to be in a position to help or even launch initiative and like activities; to make available basic legal help for all cannabis users; to promote hemp for a healthier environment; to be a part of the community.

About the organization

about the Org | MERCY - the Medical Cannabis Resource Center - is a non-profit registered with the state of Oregon. We applied for, and are so far denied, 501c3 status with the Feds. So folks do not get to deduct donations to us from their taxes, but continue to operate as a non-profit anyway. Also, links to Documentation, like State and Federal Tax Filings. Click here for Status Report,   Click here for some history.  

Organization status Status report ... The Center in Salem is closed. We are looking for a place to at least meet, possibly network & office. Donations still cheerfully accepted by mail - cash, checks -or- online. Click Here

Why Do This? What is the Issue?

About the Issue ... The Issue is one of personal privacy and responsibility.

It is about equal risk of arrest and treatment under the law, about reforming laws specifically written to subvert this basic American ideal.

This is about mean and greedy people using YOUR government to set up a politically and religiously driven boondoggle, including a publicly funded propaganda machine to justify it all.

The issue, for us, is about ending government waste and abuse. We intend to do this by ending cannabis prohibition and, thereby, all the nonsense about medical validity.  To release the sick, free the hemp and guarantee equal rights and access to the truth to even the least among us.

We intend to free our brothers and sisters from the prison camps, to make hemp an option for Oregon's farmers and to end persecution of patients not so much due to their choice of medicine but because they are poor and powerless.

Our current focus is on protecting and supporting patients in the OMMP (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) and in the process educate our neighbors. Our goal is independence for our Patient Members in the short term and freedom for the rest by ending cannabis prohibition.

Check us out, drop a line.  Be a part of the change as you help make it happen. Learn more about ...  

Our WebSite and Services The website is maintained by volunteers under the direction of Perry, a Librarian, on loan from the Marijuana Library.  

This site is hosted by DPC - Drug Policy Central (drugpolicycentral.com) under the guidance of MAPinc technicians (Media Awareness Project, (www.mapinc.org).   Many thanks for their support!  

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More info, like Site Maps and Statistic reports (WebStats.htm) < here < "If you don't like the content on the Internet, bring your shining light to make sure others will find something of value.   Caring and connectivity go together, and with this Godgiven capability you can no longer claim powerlessness to change the world." - Frank Odasz, Director of Big Sky Telegraph, Western Montana College of the University of Montana

MERCY Profiles ... Who are we?

About Perry, President of MERCY Perry, a NORML person continues to volunteer as President and otherwise help out in any way he can. Contact him with:

    Contact Perry About General questions or speaking opportunities General questions or speaking opportunities about MERCY or OMMP,
    Contact Perry About Requests or comments about the Website or technical issues (database) Requests or comments about the Website or technical issues (database),
    Contact Perry About News items News items or
    AContact Perry About Meeting or event facilitations. Meeting or event facilitations.

Click here for contact info.

About Pat C., Secretary and Treasurer of MERCY Secretary / Treasurer, Pat C. - Click here for contact info.

About Sonny Watkins, Board Member of MERCY Co-founder, Board Member and spiritual leader William "Sonny" Watkins remains grow-meister and co-host of MERCY-TV. Click here for more on his story. Click here for contact info.

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