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This is the Current Events page for our Organization. Here you can learn more about MERCYs activtites, Post a Note, Send a Message>, and let us know about yours.

View current listed events below. Others? Let us know! The State-wide Calendar of Events for Oregon is a Public Service provided by MERCY - the Medical Cannabis Resource Center - and is maintained by our volunteer staff. Got info? Post it on the Bulletin Board. Or e-Mail us.

--- Current Events ---

Rally for OMMP April 20th, Thu., 2pm at the Capital Steps Salem, Oregon

Calling on all citizens, patients, growers, processors, dispensaries, wholesalers, clinics, activists, business owners, organizations, friends, family & neighbors to join us for a demonstration at the State Capital. OHA, OLCC, our Legislative body, big money lobbyists & even players in our own industry have systematically turned their backs on Patients & Growers & are DESTROYING our medical marijuana program.

Tell EVERYONE you know- if medical marijuana has touched your life or your loved ones life in any way- please TAKE A STAND before it's too late. Please remember the PATIENTS......Rec nor any of these businesses would exist if it weren't for the Patients!!!

Car pool, bring signs, bring your family, friends, employee's, co-workers, patients, & neighbors. Own a business? Close up shop & bring your crew- its times we all TAKE A STAND & FIGHT FOR THE PATIENTS!!!!

* Getting to the Capitol > 900 Court Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97301 * Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00-5:30 ~ Saturday: Closed ~ Sunday: Closed * Visitor Services Phone: 503-986-1388 * For more information on How to get to the Capitol, including things like Where to Park. visit: www.oregonlegislature.gov/citizen_engagement/Pages/Visit-the-Capitol.aspx - see also >> www.oregonlegislature.gov/CapitolOffices

Contact Your Reps

Time to Act! Communicate with your representatives at all levels about the cannabis issues; (1) It is safe, effective medicine and people should have access to it WITHOUT having to pay Protection; (2) Hemp is a viable, green alternative and society should have the option;

(3) Liberty and Justice, Fair and Equal treatment under the Law; we won't survive as a nation if we continue a system where rich people possess and deal "marijuana" with impugnity while poor people face death dealing raids and decades long sentences for meager quantitys.

Ongoing Events

every Friday * 7:00pm to 7:30pm * Friday Nite Live Call-In TV Show organized by MERCY-TV at CCTV in Salem, at Capital Community Television,  575 Trade St SE, Salem, Oregon, 97301 – Weekly Filming and Show.  View previous Shows Usually (!) every Friday, excepting holidays, etc. * When happening, we start setting up at 6:30PM * call:  503.363-4588  or visit - mercycenters.org/tv/  - for more.

Call or come on down! You can see MERCY-TV Live every Friday at 7pm, on Cable Channel 23, again at 11pm and throughout the week, as well as on You-Tube. This is a great opportunity for folks to talk about their event, action and legislative items to folks in the Salem metro area and beyond. Come to the station and be on the show or in the studio audience. Or just call  503-588-6444 between 7 – 7:30 PM and let everybody know that way.

* (first) Saturday (in) May, this year is May 6th, 2017 * Marches for Global Cannabis Liberation * Also known as the Million Marijuana Marches, this Action is happening in Salem, Eugene, Portland - Oregon and hundreds of cities around the World.  Check your local listings.  Salem plan:  MERCY will assemble for this event, starting at 11am, at the far end of the mall across from the steps of the Capital Building, Salem, Oregon on first Saturday in May, annually and March/Rally at High Noon.  Officially, the intersection of Summer and Center streets.  At High Noon (sharp!) we March, Visit - mercycenters.org/events/MMM.html   - for map and more. 

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Wednesday, July 26 at 02:56 AM:
Paul Witter from One Commerce Center-1201 Orange St. #600, Wilmington Zip 19899, Delaware, USA Tel: +1 650 889 4686, Ext: 6059, internalmedicine@annualcongress.net wrote:
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Sunday, July 9 at 11:55 PM:
Mariah Lawrence from London wrote:
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