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This Action page is for the Global Marijuana Marches. Please feel free to contribute by Posting Your Info for everybody or Send Us a Message.

The GMM Come fight for fair Cannabis laws in Oregon and beyond.  Learn More >> and Act Today!

Join Up! Come to Salem first Saturday in May -or- Find a participating City near you. Your City not on the List? Organize and Add It! Learn more >>

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A Cannabis Law Reform Network opportunity

Rally, Lobby, Network MERCY is part of an organized, world-wide action item every year at the Capital Mall in Salem, Oregon.  

Come, Gather with others of the Cannabis Community to - - Rally * Salem: Sat., May 7, 2016 at High Noon, at the North Side of the Capitol mall Read more >>

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Come Rally for fair Cannabis laws

MERCYs Annual entry in the Global Marijuana Marches Come join the March for Global Cannabis Liberation

In Salem - 11am - Assemble, Rally and March at High Noon as part of the Global Celebration and Education event. Also known as the Global Marijuana Marches, Wordwide Marijuana March, March for Global Cannabis Liberation - we will assemble for this event, starting at 11am, at the far end of the mall across from the steps of the Capital Building, Salem, Oregon on the first Saturday in May.   Officially, the corner of W. Summer and Center streets. Next are May 7th, 2016; May 6th, 2017 and May 5th, 2018

  the March Route  

Most times we just Rally. If we get enuff people, we'll March also. If we March, at High Noon we proceed down W. Summer thru the Mall to the corner of W. Summer and Court.  Then west down Court Street on the north side-walk.   We do not have permission ($!) to use the street, so we must stick to the sidewalks and obey pedestrian rules.   We will check on being able to have bicylces and pace vehicles on the street beside us. Do not block traffic or impede other citizens attempting to use the walkway.

If/When we March thru the City also, it will be politely and peacefully, down to Liberty Street and turn right.   We'll go north up Liberty to Center and turn right.  Going east down Center we'll come to W. Summer (the Mall), and return to our original rally point.   See directions in WORD or PDF.    PLEASE Print Off our flyers in WORD or PDF, Spread About and Post them everywhere two or more of the faith are gathered.

Those unable to go the distance will be holding our rally point and waiting for the Marchers there.   Here are our flyers in WORD or PDF that we'll be handing out at the march itself.   Here's a 11x17 poster idea in WORD.

Maps and Directions

--- MAP ---
the Salem, Oregon Million Marijuana March route Directions to the Capitol:

from Portland >> Here >>

from Springfield >> Here >>

from Ashland >> Here >>

from Ontario >> Here >>

Portland, Oregon, USA. | Portland is having its 17th annual Global Cannabis March this Saturday. This has always been a successful event/protest in the past, and with the way things are in Oregon right now, this march is needed more now than ever before. I want to see as many people attend as possible. I unfortunately will be out of town on a family vacation, but I know a lot of people that are planning on attending. I was talking to former Portland Trailblazer Cliff Robinson and the Uncle Spliffy crew, and they plan on attending and you should too! 17th Annual Global Cannabis March & Rally (Saturday, May 7, 2016 – 12pm-6pm – Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland – Featuring Garcia Birthday Band, The Hill Dogs, Mack & Dub, Bad Habitat, Justin James Bridges and John Cornett & Friends. Sponsored by CRRH, THCF, KBOO Community Radio & The Law Offices of Paul Loney) >> Learn more >>

Eugene, Oregon, USA. March starts at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza, Lane County Courthouse, 8th & Oak St, Eugene, Oregon. The march will wind around Saturday Market and downtown Eugene. Marchers will be marching on the sidewalks, obeying pedestrian traffic laws. The march ends High Noon at the old Federal Courthouse Plaza at 7th & Pearl for the Rally with speakers & information Booths. WHEN: March generally starts at 11:00am (Lane Cty Courthouse, 8th & Oak), Rally starts (Old Federal Courthouse, 7th & Pearl) at High Noon.

Facebook: Eugene Global Cannabis March. Global Cannabis March Features Three in Oregon - Weedist. High Noon March For Cannabis | eugeneweekly.com. Social media, Facebook: Mothers of Medical Marijuana Patients- Eugene Oregon. Local links, Search for marijuana march videos. And more. Find GMM graphics and other event graphics for any city. Oregon. Cannabis-related links willamettevalleynorml.org - Willamette Valley (Eugene, Oregon) NORML. Contacts. Feedback form. City info; Google Maps, Google images, Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Wikivoyage, WeBeHigh.org: Eugene; Media: mapinc.org/media.htm - Choose "Oregon" from dropdown menu. Facebook: Oregon Daily Emerald. Newspaper at University of Oregon in Eugene. dailyemerald.com - Oregon Daily Emerald. Letter to the editor. Other University of Oregon media. Facebook: Eugene Weekly eugeneweekly.com - Eugene Weekly. Click "Letters" link for latest ones. registerguard.com - The Register-Guard (Eugene newspaper). >> http://cannabis.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Eugene,_Oregon,_USA

Bend, Oregon, USA. Wikipedia, Google Maps: >> http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Bend+Oregon+USA WeBeHigh: >> http://www.webehigh.com/city/detail.php?CITYID=2949 >> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bend,_Oregon >> http://cannabis.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Bend,_Oregon,_USA

Corvallis, Oregon, USA. Oregon. Cannabis-related links Students for Sensible Drug Policy @ OSU Corvallis Cannabis Movement On Facebook: Facebook Group City info[edit] Return to top. Google Maps: Corvallis Wikipedia: Corvallis Wikitravel: Corvallis WeBeHigh.com - home page lists all cities. City page: Corvallis >> http://cannabis.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Corvallis,_Oregon,_USA

Medford, Oregon, USA. Oregon. Cannabis-related links Facebook: Southern Oregon Norml. so-norml.org - Southern Oregon NORML. City info: Google Maps, Google images, Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Wikivoyage, WeBeHigh.org: Medford. >> http://cannabis.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Medford,_Oregon,_USA

the Salem Freedom Rally

: End the War

Our purpose is to rally, register to vote, sign petitions and encourage everybody we know to do so also.  The goal is to allow individuals to come out and make a statement in the company of like minded citizens.  Share, learn and grow as we promote ending cannabis prohibition - and freedom in general.  Talk it up, be there and help make it happen!  

This is to raise awareness about cannabis as medicine, the value of industrial hemp and voter empowerment in general.  This is about our rights and responsibilities as Americans.   This is our opportunity to unite, stand together and be counted!   Every city in Oregon should be represented.  Talk it up, be there and help make it happen!

NOTICE: To help plan and organize MERCY is hosting Poster Parties, visit our web page for more details!

Strategy issues:

  • Family Affair; consider No Smoking

  • Accentuate the positives, 'information stations' at all four corners

  • Communications, volunteer training

  • Know our rights and options - can squads of cops just stroll on thru with frothing dobermans and loiter at leisure? (not that we object, heck give them the mike!)

  • Mission objectives & goals:

  • the Rally/March (and thru plublicity about & during the March raise awareness and followers)

  • Registering Voters (thru the Rally) and ...

  • empowering (tools & tool building 'kits') them thru Literature and Contact info.   Thru that we ...

  • sign up members and generally gain support & We do this for the cause in general and to get the most resources to best insure we ...

  • fundrai$e. ('cheap, good, on time' paradigm); should be series of funds and awareness-raising events leading up to this action.

  • and, at the same time, build alliances and an overall activist community.

  • MERCY Global Marijuana March

    More on Global Cannabis Liberation

    Many Thanx! to those who have Organized and Publicized and otherwise Supported and Enabled this Activity.

    The Global Marijuana March (GMM) is an annual rally held at different locations across the planet. It refers to cannabis-related events that occur on the first Saturday in May, or thereabouts, and may include marches, meetings, rallies, raves, concerts, festivals and information tables. The Global Marijuana March began in 1999 as the Million Marijuana March (MMM) and Jay Day. Hundreds of thousands of people have participated in over 829 different cities in 72 countries worldwide since 1999. There are local names for the event too. Such as: World Cannabis Day, Cannabis Liberation Day, Global Space Odyssey, Ganja Day, J-Day, Million Blunts March, etc.. The Global Marijuana March is a celebration embracing cannabis culture as a personal lifestyle choice. Participants unite to discuss, promote, entertain and educate both consumers and non-consumers alike.

    Global Marijuana March - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | The Global Marijuana March also goes by the name of the Million Marijuana March (MMM). It began in 1999. Around 700 different cities worldwide have signed ... visit - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Marijuana_March On that day – referred to as Jay Day by some organizers – people in hundreds of cities around the world rally and march in unison for cannabis law reform. A peaceful party to celebrate our gains and to re-energize for the next steps. The main purpose is to raise awareness about the issues, to inform and educate thru the publicity involved. Secondly, we want to register every person there and further empower them by providing whatever is needed to getting them to the voting booth at the right time.

    Also we want a good show, a nice time for every one - entertaining as well as informative. And, at the same time, we can also raise a little money and fund some projects for the cause - like sponsoring OMMA patients who can't afford a fee or a Hemp Initiative. We pick up steam every day, we gain more sponsor$ and other support each time we talk about it. Also, different groups with related agendas can be represented. We can use this opportunity to stand united as one voice.

    The Million Marijuana Marches are a global celebration of the benefits of cannabis and hemp. On that day over 150+ cities plan to march in unison for cannabis law reform. the Million Marijuana Marches, a global action item

    Global Marijuana March and 4/20 signup >> GMM and 4/20 Signup

    Marijuana March: Help Reach our Goal of 420 Cities! Sign Up and spread the word | Greenville Million Marijuana March ... Fredry ~ Global Marijuana March – w wolnym t?umaczeniu Marsz Wyzwolenia Konopi >> visit - globalcannabismarch.com


    LINKs - to Million Marijuana March. Banners, posters, handbills, flyers will be posted here as we learn about them.  Adapt for your needs!   Million Marijuana March poster example

  • Salem, Oregon, USA. Oregon. Cannabis-related links. Facebook: Global Marijuana March 2012 Salem Oregon. >> http://cannabis.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Salem,_Oregon,_USA

  • Global Marijuana March | Alphabetical city list table. 843 different cities have signed up from 72 different nations since 1999. See also: 4/20 events. >> Visit: cannabis.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Global_Marijuana_March_cities

  • Global Marijuana March and 4/20 signup >> http://cannabis.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Global_Marijuana_March_and_4/20_signup

  • cannabis.wikia.com | wiki > Portal > Global Marijuana March >> cannabis.wikia.com/wiki/Portal:Global_Marijuana_March

    Cannabis.wikia.com | Here is a fun site that is dedicated to the legalization of cannabis, with a focus on listing cannabis events from around the world. >> cannabis.wikia.com

    MMM Reports | Million Marijuana March. Global Cannabis Liberation Day. In May. Since 1999. First Saturday in May. Or that weekend, or some day close to it. Any march, rally, event, meeting, concert, rave, etc.. >> http://corporatism.tripod.com/mmmreports.htm

    Bulletin Board

    !> Enter questions, comments and/or link info in the NotePad. Or e-mail us.

    Who are you:
    Where are you from:
    What would you like to say:

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 05:12 PM:
    Frank Votry from Las Vegas wrote:
    " hay now let us all get together. And get this poor country out of debt. Well am I right or wrong? I lost a job even with a medical Marijuana card. After 14 years how bout that."

    Saturday, May 1, 2010 at 04:59 PM:
    oscar from Salem, Oregon wrote:
    "I had fun this march. Any links to the videos?"

    Saturday, June 13, 2009 at 9:13 PM:
    Sergio from Brazil wrote:
    " Hi people,

    Sorry for the english, but the question is important.

    In Salvador, and other cities on Brazil some judges undestanding in the Marchs crimes. The problem is the brazilian law punish the ambiguos crime to estimule the drug use. And the Marchs is forced understand has a drug use promotion event.

    In Salvador we call for some help to fund Ananda - Association of Users, Activists, Harm Reductors and Recearchers about drugs. We act basically distribute information.

    Our blog is www.noticiascanabicas.blogspot.com in reform, To see pictures about the Manifestation to turn legal the Mariajuan March, in 31 may 2009, see: http://picasaweb.google.com/contatoananda/Protesto310509#5345736535173522898

    To see vídeo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUK1wJgcD0w

    And we have a campaing to turn public the data abour the casa Brazilian autoritires X Marijuana Prohibition. We discovered some data to explain the controversial participation of brazilian delegates in 1924 and 1961 reunions, when they talk marijuana is too dangeours has cocaine or heroine. But the cientific researches in Brazil do not talk nothing about this risks. In fact, until 1959, almost all books, articles and other cientific production talk about the non pontencial to produce dependence, and the relative potential to make harms.

    In fact, the National Concil about Drug Policy - CONAD, in the last reunion in 03 may 2009, when the members of the Concil aprove the brazilian position on Viena, we (I represent the National Union of Students in CONAD), we aprove the position to tell the ONU about brazilian mistakes in 1924 and 1961, but in the final of reunion, someone tell if te possible to don´t turn this CONAD decision publish in the Viena reunion, because is too mutch exposition, and this proposition win.

    Now, we give the reconize of the CONAD about this mistakes, and the CONAD decide to recomend the exclusion of Cannabis in List IV of the 1961 Convention. But in Brazil we dont have any atention for the journalists, and the CONAd don´t fell any pression to acelerate the process.

    To subscribe see the manifesto, and if you like sign, just send to me the name and form to presentation in the letter:


    and to see our letter to explain the peopel in Salvador about the CONAD resolution, Million Marijuana March in Brazil this letter we print 5.000 copies and distribute to Salvador. The Ananda exist since 2007, but until here we produce just $ 1.200, and all this we expend to realize congress, video exibition, produce press information, etc.

    If you can help us, with anything, or just sign the manifesto, we thank you, just for the patient too.

    Brazilians hugs, Sergio Vidal
    Ativista, Redutor de Danos e Pesquisador
    (XX71) 81771488

    Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 06:31 PM:
    somebody wrote:
    "also check out - http://cannabis.wikia.com/wik i/Global_Marijuana_March "

    Tuesday, November 4, 2008 at 07:53 PM:
    Scott Al-Tall wrote:
    " Hello. I am a hip hop/hippie hop artist who has been making music preaching the importance of legalizing marijuana for a long time. I would be honored to be able to perform at ANY of these marches/events. It doesn't matter how far it is, if you'll let me, I'LL BE THERE, and I will ROCK the place!! Keep doing what your doing, we are getting closer everyday!! Much love.

    Scott Al-Tall
    pka Bilistic
    pka Haight Ashbury
    316 990 5022

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