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Patient Activists

Sonny and Aisha Watkins are volunteer Activists and Patients. Even with their medical conditions, they continue to volunteer for the Mercy Center, helping to respond to emails and web posts, answering phones - educating others about the healing properties of the Cannabis plant, how to get authorized, where to find medicine now and how to grow - just to name a few issues. And they do so with folks throughout Oregon, across America and around the world, regardless of the physical and financial challenges they face.

Sonny, is the founder of Mercy Center, in Salem, Oregon.  He suffers from seizures, nausea and chronic pain after receiving a traumatic brain injury and tries to support the family the best he can.  He also co-hosts a Weekly TV show, and continues patient out-reach in Cannabis education.  They support the Cannabis community daily! Now it is our turn to help them have a Merry Christmas!! Click >> HERE >>

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Sonny (middle) networking at the Mercy Center

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All in with this Family

Sonny and Aisha Watkins are the proud parents of Sarah and Lyla. Sarah is in the “talented and gifted” (TAG) program in her school. She is a well-rounded achiever, who makes, even difficult tasks appear easy to accomplish. She also participates with the Hope Team, a group that teaches service and conservation with an eye toward community involvement and ecology. Lyla loves drama and acting. Lyla is a nurturer, with a big caring heart! She is always willing to help lend a hand or hold a hand, as was the case with her ill, elderly grandmother. Lyla’s compassion has been honed by the deaths of many family members over the years, including their grandmother recently. The girls have been a source of comfort for all they encounter. Help to make the Watkins family holidays special. You can find their Amazon Wish List >> HERE >>


The Flight Lounge

The Flight Lounge has adopted the Watkins family for the holiday. Feel free to stop by and share some Christmas Spirit. They are taking donations until December 20th to help. Visit them at - 5427 SE 72nd Ave, Portland, Oregon 97206 * See more of Flight Lounge on Facebook


Parents-4-Pot is a dedicated voice for all families who support the end of hemp and cannabis prohibition. They strive to defeat the social stigma surrounding adults who use cannabis responsibly. They support a parent’s choice to use medical cannabis to treat their children's illnesses. Their work helps families with cannabis related issues through education, direct action and organizational support. Learn more >>

If you are a cannabis family in need or know of one, they would like to hear from you. See PARENTS 4 POT'S ANNUAL CANNABIS POW AND COMMUNITY HOLIDAY DRIVE page for more >> folks and families in need, Check out the #P4PHolidayDrive chat room, Visit their FaceBook page >> Parents 4 Pot - and spread the word!

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