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Med*Can Gro-Vention

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Medical Cannabis Growers Convention
Saturday, February 26, 2005

High noon to 4:20 * Salem, Oregon  

Medical Cannabis Growers Convention #1 arraigned by MERCY for Sat., February 26, 2005 from High noon to 4:20pm in Salem.

The last XS+Med*Fest was a great success.  Over one hundred O.M.M.P. cardholders had the chance to be given some baked goods as well as a couple different kinds of meds.  A lot of other caregivers said they would like to help.  We at the MERCY Center are now working to do something similar in the Eugene area.  We are looking for someplace to hold this event and at the same time some other people will be needed to donate some of their medicine so this will happen.  Place this date on your calendar.  2-26-05.   This meeting will be held at 12:00 noon to 4:20 p.m. at MERCYs Center on Fairgrounds Road in Salem.

Objectives are Ö

Plan for next XS+Med*Fest and Prepare for the future in general.  What do other Growers want & need anyway?  Lets Survey!

- Are you a Grower able to take on one or more medical cannabis Patients?  Register with our referral system.  Watch out for the uneducated!  Other tips?

- How about Unions/Guilds?  How would it work; ie - what would be the benefit to members?

- Info?  Network/s! by area, issue, etc., such as seeds, starters, Grow methods and other issues.

- Safety & Security. Support (backups, legal)

- Productivity. Best prices (equipment, materials, etc.)

- Fun, etc. (Events) and more! You tell us.

Plan is Ö

This meeting is specifically for caregivers and other patients with meds to share at the upcoming XS+Med*Fest.  It will be a chance for the ones that can help us to make some more great events happen.  If someone you know was not at this last Med-Fest please let us know who to contact.  We are looking to all the great people we talked to at Meetings and the Med-Fest.

Letís make some more good things happen sooner than later!

NOTE: For security reasons, R.S.V.P. - Invite Only!  All I.D. will be checked and visitors will register with the host staff for this event.  Contact and make an appointment with us.

RSVP by email to or snail mail to:

Mercy Center (WashCo)
P.O. Box 1111
Cornelius, OR 97113

 ! PLEASE HELP Promote, see below for flyers.

All Vol Meet

To organize volunteers, the MERCY Center will be hosting a special event.

Where Where: The MERCY Center
1675 Fairgrounds Rd.
Salem, OR 97303

Free admission!


Here are some flyers for the event in WORD and PDF format.   PLEASE print out and use to raise awareness. Distribute far and wide!  

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