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Work Party

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MERCY Volunteers Work Party
Saturday, April 9, 2005

High noon to 4:20 * Salem, Oregon  

MERCY Work Party arraigned for Sat., April 9, 2005 from High noon to 4:20pm in Salem.  Calling all activists and wanna-be’s.  NOTE: this meeting is for people who sincerely want to help!  We’re getting the job done.  If you’re tired of wasting time, energy and other resources on activist efforts, come make it count thru MERCY.

One objective is to orient people working with MERCY on necessary policies and procedures they’ll be expected to deal with.  Those working with people on their cases and activities involved with medicine should learn OMMP rules and regulations.  There is also MERCY protocol to be discussed.

At the same time MERCY wants to communicate with the volunteer members, determining skills and expectations, theirs and ours.  Then network them with others who are similar.

Come on down!  MERCY wants to be your pipeline to the people, tools and resources to get the job done!  

RSVP by email to or snail mail to:

Mercy Center (WashCo)
P.O. Box 1111
Cornelius, OR 97113

 ! PLEASE HELP Promote, see below for flyers.

Where Where: The MERCY Center
1675 Fairgrounds Rd.
Salem, OR 97303

Free admission!


Here are some flyers for the event in WORD and PDF format.   PLEASE print out and use to raise awareness. Distribute far and wide!  

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