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MERCYs' info on Changes to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

List of M33 issues - and related info - forthcoming. Some issues may progress on their own and be resolved in due course. There are some changes currently being proposed and enacted.

These are Changes we know about, if you know of others, please communicate!

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Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Changes In Progress In Progress.  Changes to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program that are under way.

    Fee Reduction Change Fee Reduction. Basic fee dropping to $55, $20 for special (SSI) cases.
    Twenty-four by Seven Access for Law Enforcement 24 x 7 (LEDS). 24 x 7 Access system for Law Enforcement for verification of cardholders outside OMMP office hours.

Potential Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Changes Potential.  Oregon Medical Marijuana Program changes being planned and worked on.

Coming soon ... Taking Action!

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Saturday, April 3 at 10:11 AM:
sam from Patient wrote:
" 4204EVER "

Tuesday, February 2 at 02:47 PM:
Nymmers from A patient wrote:
" Please update the damned page or better take it down. "

Monday, February 4 at 04:28 PM:
James Boyles from wrote:
" I'm a card holder who is unable to find a provider to help with my cannabis meds and have just heard a rumor of Portland OR. despenceing it threw some way.Is there any truth to this? thanks"

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