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Welcome to 2005 Session notes, the Medical Cannabis Resource Center Oregon State 2005 Legislation Info index page
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Oregon state notes and information Oregon notes

Welcome to MERCYs 2005 Session Info index page, the Medical Cannabis Resource Center Oregon State 2005 Legislation index. 

  About this page ...

This is our page for Oregon State Legislation Items from 2005.   It's part of our strategy to get the people involved in these and all issues.   The objective is the empowerment of the people through their votes and general activism - write your Rep!  

  your Legislation Station  
These pages dedicated to legislative issues and items.

Our political action toolshed; info, links, and FAQs related to marijuana laws in Oregon - and how to change them for the better.   See List of OR St. Reps and List of OR St. Sens pages, for tool examples.

Stay tuned for our next event -or- opportunity for contact -and/or- Legislation.

Here we explore propositions and ballot measures nationwide to allow the growth and distribution of medical marijuana.  

Support HR2087 In response to this week's Supreme Court ruling granting the Justice Department the authority to prosecute state-authorized medicinal cannabis patients for violating the federal Controlled Substances Act, members of the US House of Representatives may vote as early as next week on an amendment to bar the US Department of Justice (DOJ) from prosecuting patients who use medical cannabis in compliance with state laws.   Click here for details.

Some other law stuff about Oregon ...

Oregon Judicial Department Appellate Court Opinions, Washburn v. Forest Products, Inc.   Visit:

An Oregon appeals court ruling says employers might have to make accommodations for users of medical marijuana.   Click here for more.

See these and more at this link.

in Oregon State:

House Bill 1085 notes and information SB1085, needs your attention
Senate Bill 2693 notes and information HB2693, the "dumb bill gone bad" bill
Senate Bill 3457 notes and information HB3457, the "Forfeiture" bill
House Bill 717 notes and information SB717, the anti-Medical Marijuana bill
House Bill 772 notes and information SB772, the pro-Medical Marijuana bill
House Bill 2485 notes and information HB2485, the anti-Meth & Marijuana bill
Senate Bill 294 notes and information SB294, the Hemp bill
Senate Bill 397 notes and information SB397, Denies Benefits
Senate Bill 2695 notes and information HB2695, DUI & 2nd-Hand Smoke
House Bill 717 notes and information HB5077, the "Rob the Sick and Dying Pot-heads" bill

House Bill 2939 notes and information HB2939, a previous anti-Medical Marijuana bill
Taking the Initiative and Making Legislation yourself Initiative!
About this page About this page

  Oregon State Legislative update for Spring 2005 session  

SB 294 - Printed pursuant to Senate Interim Rule 213.28 by order of the President of the Senate in conformance with presession filing rules, indicating neither advocacy nor opposition on the part of the President. (at the request of Senator Floyd Prozanski for Living Tree Paper) -- Relating to industrial hemp; appropriating money.

01/13 (S) Introduction and first reading. Referred to President's desk.
01/19 (S) Referred to Environment & Land Use, then Ways and Means.
04/06 (S) Public Hearing held.

Click here to see more detail.

SB 397 - By Senator WESTLUND -- Relating to denial of unemployment benefits for failing preemployment drug or alcohol test.

01/26 (S) Introduction and first reading. Referred to President's desk.
02/01 (S) Referred to Commerce.

Click here to see more detail.

SB 717 - By Senator KRUSE -- Relating to medical use of marijuana; declaring an emergency.

02/17 (S) Introduction and first reading. Referred to President's desk.
02/22 (S) Referred to Human Services.

Click here to see more detail.

SB 772 - By Senator MORRISETTE -- Relating to medical marijuana.

02/21 (S) Introduction and first reading. Referred to President's desk.
02/23 (S) Referred to Human Services, then Ways and Means.
03/10 (S) Public Hearing held.
04/28 (S) Public Hearing held.
06/01 (S) Work Session scheduled.

Click here to see more detail.


02/02 (H) First reading. Referred to Speaker's desk.
02/07 (H) Referred to Judiciary with subsequent referral to Ways and Means.
02/08 (H) Assigned to Subcommittee On Criminal Law.
03/17 (H) Public Hearing held.
04/08 (H) Public Hearing held.

Click here to see more detail.

HB 2693 - By Representative MARCH -- Relating to medical marijuana.

02/28 (H) First reading. Referred to Speaker's desk.
03/03 (H) Referred to Judiciary.
03/04 (H) Assigned to Subcommittee On Criminal Law.

Click here to see more detail.

HB 2695 - By Representative NELSON (at the request of Ed Rosario, policeman) -- Relating to medical marijuana.

02/28 (H) First reading. Referred to Speaker's desk.
03/03 (H) Referred to Judiciary with subsequent referral to Transportation.
03/04 (H) Assigned to Subcommittee On Criminal Law.

Click here to see more detail.

HB 5077 - Ordered printed by the Speaker pursuant to House Rule 12.00A (5). Presession filed. (at the request of Budget and Management Division, Oregon Department of Administrative Services) -- Relating to state financial administration; appropriating money; declaring an emergency.

01/12 (H) First reading. Referred to Speaker's desk.
01/12 (H) Referred to Ways and Means.
05/05 (H) Assigned to Subcommittee On Human Services.
05/12 (H) Public Hearing held.
05/12 (H) Public Hearing and Work Session held.
05/12 (H) Returned to Full Committee.
05/17 (H) Work Session held.
05/19 (H) Recommendation: Do pass with amendments and be printed A-Engrossed.
05/23 (H) Second reading.
05/24 (H) Third reading. Carried by Richardson. Passed. Ayes, 49; Nays, 10--Barnhart, Boquist, Buckley, Dingfelder, Holvey, Merkley, Nelson, Shields, Thatcher, Wirth; Excused, 1--Tomei.
05/24 (H) Vote explanation(s) filed by Barnhart.
05/25 (S) First reading. Referred to President's desk.

Click here to see more detail.

Others?   !PLEASE!   Let Us Know!

Use these links help with contacting state reps:   ( Find Your Legislator ),   ( write your legislator ),   See List of OR St. Reps  or  ( the House )  and  List of OR St. Sens page,  or  ( the Senate )

To check up on bills; here is the link to the search bills page

click on search for specific measure ...fill in the blanks on the page, hit enter and you will get the text of any bill. For example, try typing "marijuana" in the search engine for new bills. Also look for “cannabis” and we should not forget to mention “hemp” at some time.

Or … If one wants PDF with changes bolded one can also go here:

click on the directory like HB 2600's and find it in PDF instead of just HTML.

These web links tell you what committee a bill goes to. For senate bills:

for house bills:

  Other Legislative updates  


The state Senate has passed three bills that, if they become law, would have New Mexico joining 12 other states that allow the medical use of marijuana. See more, visit our info on   the story.

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SOME TIPs on Registering Voters and Petitioning

  • REGISTERING VOTERS. People signing Petitions must be registered to vote. You can register as often as you want. When in doubt, register again.
  • If someone has their hands full, you can fill out the Voters Registration form for them EXCEPT for the Signature and Date. Make sure the person registering Signs and Dates the petition.

Voters in Oregon should not sign using a P.O. Box. It makes it harder to confirm, when necessary. Explain to signers and try to get them to write down the same address where they are registered to vote -- their current address -- and if necessary, to fill out a voter registration card (which you should have with you) if they have changed addresses since last registering.

  • THE "FRED MEYER" SITUATION. There was a case decided where it was ruled that a store could tell petitioners where to go (!) IF IN DOUBT, GO AHEAD and try. They can’t arrest you without warning.
  • For more notes on the Legislative process check out OMMA 2, among others.

    OMMA 2 was also known as the Dispensary Bill and is still a key objective the Oregon medical cannanis community is still attempting to meet - creating access to medicine initiative text is available online at:

    Additional information about OMMA 2 can be found in archived editions of their electronic newsletter at:

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Pete Guither at DrugWarRant ( ) has started a 2006 voting guide and seeks our assistance in building a database. A lot has happened since the last election cycle and our momentum is building exponentially. With the FDA winning the prohibitionist "foot-in-mouth" award and Mark Souder the "golden idiot" trophy there are many prohibitionists with targets and plenty of ammo to shoot them down. The full text of Pete's post is here:

Help us create a 2006 Drug Policy Voting Guide

Here's a great opportunity for everyone who reads this to get involved and make a contribution (without spending any money).

Back in 2004, I worked on a voting guide based on drug policy issues and managed to complete guides for 19 states, but I ran out of time to collect the information for the rest. Yet even those 19 state guides seemed to reach a lot of people, based on the email I got (and the large number of google-related visits).

This year, I've put together a voting guide framework using a wiki (a website structure that allows any registered user to make changes and add information, similar to Wikipedia).

The easy address to get there is

How it works

Register for a free account (you don't have to use your real name, but you do have to use an actual email address of some kind in order to complete your registration -- to prevent spammers). Then, when you're logged in, simply go to the state page you want to change, click on "edit," type your information, click on "save." That's all there is to it!

Saturday, March 11 at 11:54 PM:
Dave M from Hillsboro, Or wrote:
" I am a registered OMMP patient. I am also fortunate to be an employed oregonian. Problem is this. In order to retain my job i am forced to forgo using my medicine. According to my employer, the EEOC and the State Employment department there are no protections for medical marijuana patients. As it has been explained to me, if I were to be terminated from my job for failing a urinalysis, I would also be unable to qualify for unemployment benefits. Maybe i am a bit naieve, but this just seems wrong to me. Is there any upcomming legislaton that may deal with these issues. Fredom from prosecution is great, but what good is it without freedom from Persecution. Discrimination is illegal unless you are a medical marijuana patient, then its OK !! This is Just Wrong!!

Thank you "

Sunday, July 17, 2005 at 08:04 PM:
Marjx from Here, Ore., USA wrote:
"There issues that have been addressed from children serv. to this. Where do we stand on these issue. Every is for dollar $. so are our children. See ASFA. Do we have address? Let me help. I'm just a good ole cult..old fashion granda; how does that fit into LAW in a juvenile custody isssue, they will use that.OR. mmp?) He's been grampa for 3.5 yrs or 4."

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